Sunday, June 14, 2009

I was meant to be a sniper

First off I want to preface this blog by saying two things: 1) I can't count. I said a few entries ago that it was 10 days until my interview with RMC. Um no...its actually 14. As of today. So I can't count and I'm an idiot. 2) Don't call violence hot lines on me after reading this entry. I'm fine.

I've got your attention now. The reason why I think I was meant to be a sniper is because I've been playing sniper games on for the past two days and I'm decent at them. I'd love to be a secret agent or a nationally hired assassin. I mean killing people is bad, I'm not sure I'm even going to be able to kill an innocent deer come hunting season. But imagine all the excitement and adventure one secret agent assassin gets to go on. Its just not that fair. Last night I had a dream that I was a sniper. I only own one gun...a .50 cal muzzleloader rifle...I mean really. I can't be a sniper with that, the reloading would be a killer. No pun intended. Do national assassins really exist? Or would I have to be in the military for that?

Granted, I'm lil wheezy and I can't run down the street to save my life. My lungs like to close up in cold weather and I have the worst vision ever. When I went to get my drivers permit, I took the vision test. I stuck my head in the little box without my glasses. The lady told me to read the characters. "P, L....X....W" I said. She looked at me like I had four heads. "They're numbers sweetie." We took it again with my glasses and I saw it was really "8, 7.....3......5." That my friends is how I got a big restricted X on my drivers licence.

Since I've been so depressed lately and enjoy games that kill people, well zombies and stick figures really....I have decided to make a list of the top 10 simple things I love. These are things that are frequently overlooked. They are in no particular order.

1. that really awesome clean feeling I get, dressed, after a long hot shower
2. that really awesome feeling my hair gets after the ocean water dries out of it on a hot day
3. an almost imperceivable breeze that gently glides past me
4. finishing a really good book
5. when my dog comes up to me and rests his head on my lap even when I'm not eating food
6. the feeling of warm wood from the deck, sand, grass, or plush carpet under my bare feet
7. listening to music and doing nothing else but day dreaming
8. making someone laugh, regardless of the situation
9. looking down and the bandanna bracelet on my right wrist and remembering all the things it means (Nicaragua)
10. seeing sunbeams drift from clouds and instantly recognizing it as God

These are just some simple things I love that I often take for granted or just don't share with others enough. Yes, I'm kind of depressed. You'd be too if you were jobless, friendless, had nothing to do, nowhere to go, and your parents weren't acting normal with you because they were pissed at you. Yep. You'd be too. But I'm striving to find the good in things. Tomorrow I'm going to the employment office to request a list of local job openings. Then I might go for a drive or something. Who knows.

Until next time...

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