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I'm Beggin

Never in my life did I think I would e-mail my life story to a perfect stranger and desperately, like my children are starving and I can count their bones desperately, ask for employment.

Don't worry. I did not say my children were starving and I can count their bones. I don't have any children and that would be lying. Just like it would be lying to not tell an employer that I have a college education. Don't get me started on that sore subject.

Really, though. After drinking a tequila sunrise for courage I e-mailed the editor of the only other local newspaper on the Eastern Shore and the head DJ for the local radio station. These are two places I KNOW are not hiring, and can't AFFORD any new employees. Not even for a few weeks. I applied anyway. I sent them e-mails with my I need money to pay off textbook bills/I have tons of experience/I'm overqualified for every job on the Shore and no one will hire me because I'm educated sob story. I poured my heart out, attached my resume and now I sit and wait for rejection. Its funny, I'm terrified of rejection. I realized that is the key reason I can't just march up into a business and request a job. I'm scared they will reject me right to my face. Apparently I have problems with rejection. Perhaps because I'm not rejected all too often. I should work on that psychological problem of mine.

Today was like any other day. I woke up at 10, went outside to do some mindless task for my parents in the yard. This was weeding the driveway again. I hate yard work so much. I don't mind being outside, but I hate yard work. I have several things to look forward to though. 1) the Wachapreague carnival opens soon. This means I get to go and play bingo all night for .25 a card and hopefully win the mother load. 2) my neighbor wants to take me and the fam fishing again. This time we shouldn't be pretending we love each other, we should actually love each other. Please don't rain Friday. I love fishing. 3) O.M.G. 5 almost 4 days until my RMC INTERVIEW.

My itinerary is insane for that interview process. First of all, I'll be taking a 9am Greyhound to Philly on Sunday and arriving that evening. A volunteer is going to pick me up and we'll go to her community house. I'll get to see what their community living is all about. Monday morning I'll be driven to the convent where I'll meet a bunch of Sisters and be given a room for the next few days. I have pretty much at least 2-3 interviews a day on Mon, Tue and Wed. I'm getting to tour my placement sites and everything. Its so intense. I'm really excited though.

Tomorrow I might just wash my car. She needs it badly. We'll see how motivated I'll be. In other good news, I've been published on associated You can check it out at:

Hopefully they will publish more articles of mine in the future. I wrote a really good one on 10 ways to have inexpensive fun in the summer. It is like magazine worthy. They better pay me for that one, I gave them exclusive rights.

Anyway I'm out to find out what trouble I can get myself into.

Until next time....


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